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Tantric Journey - Somatic Trauma Release:

Emotional Detox through Bodywork 

The following session levels are available:

     *1a: Taster session (1.5-2 hours) 
     *1b: Intermediate session (3-4 hours)

     *1b: Full session (4-5 hours)

     *  2: Extended session (5-6 hours) 

We strongly recommend you progress through the stages as you embark on your healing journey - starting with the shorter taster session before progressing to the longer more intensive sessions. There is also an option to arrange a discovery call to discuss how Tantric Journey Somatic Trauma Release can help you prior to booking a session appointment. 

Sessions are uniquely tailored to your individual needs and may vary from client to client and session to session. Stages may not be consecutive and may start and finish at any stage. The following provides a basic framework for the treatment process.

     1. Consultation Process
Your therapist will go through the personal consultation form you completed and submitted online prior to your appointment and review any points. Your therapist will name the body areas to be treated (full body or part body as agreed) and ensure you fully understand exactly what the session entails. This is also an opportunity to further discuss any boundaries and fears you may have. You may choose to have a female chaperone accompany you for the entire session. This must agree and arranged with your therapist upon booking. 

      2. Intention Setting
Intention is a very powerful energetic tool. Your therapist will offer guidance towards open discussion and sharing around the main areas of life. Topics may include health, wellbeing, fitness, relationships, career, finance, ambitions, life goals, spiritual. These talking points are helpful in creating an intentional objective for the session.

      3. Connection Ritual
You will be invited to take part in a sacred ritual to connect client and therapist both energetically and physically. This may involve pranayama (breathwork), eye gazing, yogic practices, meditation techniques, sounding etc. This part of the session also introduces ‘touch’ in a safe and sacred environment, while acknowledging the emotions flowing in the moment. 

      4. Bodywork
The treatment combines several therapeutic techniques including deep massage, acupressure/ pressure point work, yogic stretches, breathwork and energy medicine. The entire treatment is very much client led - whereby your body, mind and energy will set the pace and areas to be worked on. Your session will be carried out in accordance with the boundaries specified on the consultation & consent form. 

      5. Integration
On completion of the bodywork, you will be given some time to return to your normal state. You will be offered water and grounding strategies may be suggested. Your therapist will discuss the possibilities of deeper healing and opening as and when you are ready. It may take some time to fully process and integrate healing following your session. It is recommended you take it easy and be gentle with yourself in the proceeding days

Session appointments and discovery calls can be arranged via the online booking system on our website. If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us via email. 

Clients may choose to be accompanied by a chaperone of the same gender (subject to extra payment). This must be arranged direct with your therapist at the time of booking.

Energy Reservation 
To ensure your energy is stable it is advisable to avoid consumption of alcohol or drugs unless prescribed by a medical professional several days (longer is recommended) before and after the session. We also recommend a clean, healthy diet.

Clothing & Undressing
You may choose to be naked, wear underwear only or remain fully clothed for the sessions. If you prefer to be clothed, we recommend leggings and long sleeve top.  Your therapist will be fully clothed throughout the session. 

Trauma processing and releasing

Tantric Journey Somatic Trauma Release therapy is deep work. It is profoundly healing, transformative and ultimately lifechanging. During the session you may go into a deep trance like (submission) state. 

The treatment process may bring up emotions and/or memories (pleasant and unpleasant) that could have been stored in the body for a very long time. These imprints are often trapped on a deep cellular level due to the trauma cycle being unable to complete at the time of initial happening. The aim of this treatment is to evoke these unfinished cycles- bringing them to the surface to be witnessed, fully felt, completed and ultimately released. 

It is also common for releases to occur in very subtle ways, without much memory or story attached. Processing and releasing are a very individual experiences. Your body carries all the innate wisdom and capabilities to create the right experience for you. 

It is important to fully allow whatever comes up during the session. There are three important keys to the releasing process:

      * Breath
      * Movement 
      * Sound 

All parts of you are welcome. Please know it is safe for you to express yourself in any way your soul wishes. Your therapist will safely guide you all the way.

The days following your session
You may go into an emotional process as a result of the release, and integration may take one to three days or longer- this is very normal. Please see aftercare advice. 


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