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Tantric journey:
SOMATIC trauma release & 
emotional detox

Our Emotional Detox treatments are based on ancient Tantric and Tao philosophies which combine specific bodywork methods including deep acupressure, massage techniques, pulse point therapy, conscious connected breathing and energy medicine.

Trauma is often trapped in the body and stored at a deep cellular level which leads to dis-ease in the physical body which can manifest in many ways. 

  This could include physical pain and ailments, depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. This could also look like limiting self beliefs, lack of confidence, low self esteem and general fear based living.

Image by nine koepfer

Emotional detox treatment systematically peels away layers of trapped negative emotions. By freeing blockages and releasing trauma we are lead back to a bliss filled- pleasure based, beautiful life and are able to become the person we were truly born to be.

All sessions begin with a bespoke connection ritual which will beautifully aligns client and therapist both physically and energetically.

We recommend scheduling an initial shorter taster session for your first treatment before progressing to longer sessions. Discovery calls are also available to discuss how tantric journey somatic trauma release can help you.

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